Screen Layouts

ChefTab offers a wide variety of screen layouts to accommodate all the needs for any hospitality environment and we are constantly working to improve and add new layouts. We offer layouts for the food preparation and expediter areas of the kitchen as well as customer facing screens such as advertisement and customer order ready. All screen layouts are selectable options and you can mix and match throughout your establishment.

Standard Screen Layout

Standard Food Prep

The Standard Food Prep screen emulates an original restaurant ticket wheel. Tickets are displayed left to right and you can spin the wheel to access all the tickets in the queue.

Traditional Screen Layout


The Traditional screen layout is a series of boxes whereby orders will flow from one box to the next. We offer a variety of configurations, such as 5×2 or 10×2, etc.

Split Screen Layout

Split Screen

A Split Screen view allows for the separation of tickets whereby certain ticket types will display on the top and others on the bottom. For example, Eat In orders can display on the top, and Pickup orders can display on the bottom.

Item Screen Layout


The Item based screen type allows for the display of individual items as opposed to entire tickets. This method of display lends itself to the processing of individual item and allows for items to be displayed in order based prep time requirements.

Ready To Order Screen Layout


The Order Ready screen is a customer facing display that provides your customers with current order status’. The background images on this screen type is programmable so that you can provide scrollable images/advertisements for your customers to view while waiting for their orders.

With the right KDS screen, you’ll be able to improve communication between staff members, reduce errors, and, ultimately, enhance overall customer experience. Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help you optimize your POS screen.